By David Thoreau

Early Success of Kings AHL afliate Ontario Reign paves way for FanRally and AXS to unveil integrated platform for multiple AXS clients.

FanRally, a groundbreaking ticketless subscription software platform, announced today that it has partnered with the Los Angeles Kings and the Kings’ AHL affiliate the Ontario Reign to offer fans ticketless subscription memberships for home games. With the FanRally partnership, the Kings and the Reign are the first professional hockey franchises to use member-exclusive seat reservation privileges rather than tickets for games.

The Kings subscription, LA Kings Reserve went live this week, while the Reign subscription, Ontario Reign Reserve has been live since the season opener in October.

FanRally’s proprietary software allows LA Kings Reserve members to now:

  • Reserve up to two games at a time with no limit on how many games they can attend.
  • Reserve specific seats at no additional cost based on the member’s subscription tier.
  • Attend games with others via FanRally’s group reservations.
  • Manage their memberships directly on the Kings apps.

“Integrating the AXS ticketing platform with FanRally’s ticketless membership platform allows our partners like the Los Angeles Kings Hockey
team, to interact with their younger fans who value flexibility and have shied away from traditional ticketing packages,” said AXS Chief Revenue Officer, Rob Sine.

“FanRally’s ticketless subscription service provides a unique platform to build personalized and on-going relationships with modern fans and delivers the flexibility they are demanding. Our LA Kings Reserve offering is a new alternative to traditional ticket memberships that gives us the ability to build the direct relationship with the fan while they, especially younger fans, can personalize their ticket experience,” said Mason Donley, Kings Vice President of Ticket Sales and Service.

By removing the ticket from the equation all together, the FanRally platform enables the Kings and the Reign to sell subscriptions that work a lot like a streaming service. Subscribers can book specific seats to any game for just the monthly subscription price and attend unlimited games with their reservation privileges. Memberships come in multiple seating tiers & subscribers can easily attend games with other subscribers through FanRally’s group reservation capabilities.

“This partnership is giving fans their first glimpse into our ticketless future. We’re thrilled to partner with the Kings, the Reign, and AXS to deliver exclusive, on-demand subscriptions designed for Millennials and Gen Z,” said FanRally Chief Executive Officer Chris Giles.