Help Fans Score In-Game Seat Upgrades with Pogoseat®

From all-star player performances and on-court entertainment to music and giveaways, what motivates fans to attend games and events? If the only seats they can access or afford are in the arena’s upper-levels, aka “nosebleeds”, chances are that a team can lose these fans to some pretty fierce competition – comfortable couches and HDTV screens.

At AXS, we believe in empowering teams and venues to delight their fans and give them experiences they will love. That’s why we’ve partnered with Pogoseat®, a white-label, mobile commerce solution that enables fans to purchase seat upgrades and VIP experiences during events.

Here’s how it works: Pogoseat leverages a team or venue’s existing ticketing platform to access event information and available inventory. On the day of the event, teams and venues can sell their available ticket inventory as seat upgrades to fans that have already purchased tickets. Fans can then upgrade seats right from their smartphones before and during the event. They are given credit for their original ticket and can receive time based discounts.

“Fans want the ability to customize their live event experiences,” said Max Lebovitz, VP of marketing at Pogoseat. “Our technology allows them to do just that by giving them the tools to improve their seating situations and purchase unique experiences.”

A win-win for fans and teams/venues

In addition to delighting fans by giving them enhanced opportunities at their fingertips, it also affords teams and venues an instant revenue boost and detailed analytics that help them get to know their fans.

“Teams and venues can earn immediate revenue with no risk by utilizing our upgrade service,” said Lebovitz. “They also get valuable insights on fan behavior, enabling them to remarket and sell more effectively to fans in the future.”

Pogoseat has partnered with many teams in the MLS, MLB, NHL, NCAA and NBA, including the Utah Jazz. Pogoseat became available to Jazz fans for the tail end of the 2014/15 season, producing positive results for the team. Through the Utah Jazz seat upgrade program, more than 90% of fans that upgraded their seats became repeat users, and it generated 500 new leads for the team.

For AXS Ticketing clients, the setup with Pogoseat is simple as a result of its API integration with our platform. Pogoseat is fully integrated with the AXS Ticketing platform, meaning that inventory is synced real-time and all upgrade transactions are reconciled within the team or venue’s database.

“Ticket sales don’t need to be a static, bought-and-done experience anymore,” said Lebovitz. “We’re giving teams and venues the flexibility to respond to fan demand on the fly so they can offer fans the best experience possible.”

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