How to Select Your Ticketing RFP All-Star Team

By February 23, 2015Colleges, Featured, Home
RFP All-Star Team

So you’re thinking that it’s about that time to bring on a new ticketing system. Whether it’s your first time going through the process or you’re a seasoned pro, developing and evaluating a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a new ticketing system can seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be, and you certainly don’t have to go through it alone.

As you kickoff the quest for a new ticketing system,  your first step should be to pick the lineup for your RFP review and selection team. Why? Because it’s essential that you establish buy-in from key areas across the organization before opening the door to potential partners.

To help you select a winning ticketing RFP All-Star team, check out this list of the departments that should be involved and the role each should play throughout the RFP decision-making process.

1. Athletics

The athletics department should lead the RFP process, keeping the rest of the team informed and exploring opportunities that will drive long-term value for the organization.

2. Procurement

The procurement department facilitates the RFP process and ensures it is complaint with policies and codes. Ultimately, procurement will approve the RFP and oversee contracts. 

3. IT

The IT department will review how a potential partner’s technology integrates with campus networks and infrastructure.

4. Development/fundraising

Your organization’s development and fundraising teams will provide guidance on donation requirements and review for long-term impact on fundraising and donor strategies. (Note: If you work for a college or university, members of both the athletic and campus fundraising/development departments should have a presence on the RFP team).

5. Marketing & sales

The marketing and sales department will provide the team with insights on CRM systems as well as marketing and fan data requirements.

6. Finance

The finance department will review financial criteria and determine each option’s long-term financial impact on your organization.

7. Performing arts

If campus-wide integration is being considered, the performing arts department will provide input on its requirements and review for impact on performing arts events.

8. Campus events

If campus-wide integration is being considered, the campus events department will provide input on its requirements and review each option’s potential impact.

Without an aligned internal team on vision, goals, priorities and budget, it will be difficult to meet your deadlines and make the best decision. But by enlisting the support of these key areas, the RFP process will be much more strategic, and you’ll be better positioned to arrive at a decision that will move your organization forward.