The intelligent analytics and visualization platform for AXS Ticketing
Empower your team

Put visualizations in the hands of your entire staff.
Enrich the data you already have

AXS Intelligence appends your data with rich household demographic data and mosaic profiles for easier targeting.
Identify broker and sales activity

Find trends and individual relationships and track them through your events.
Target smarter

Target your marketing spending more effectively with sales data from the Daily Wrap.

Empower your team

Beautifully visualized data providing your staff with the insights they need to make key decisions.

Sales Overview
Key sales metrics for all shows currently on sale.

Event Compare
Compare the sales cycles across multiple events.

Event Overview
Customizable view of any event.

Heat Map
Shows sales distribution by state, county, ZIP with additional filter layers by demographic attributes, mosaic profile, sales channel, campaign and more.

Enrich the data you already have

AXS Intelligence comes standard with rich demographic appends and geographic sales data, giving you immediate insights into who is buying and what areas you can target next.

Identify broker and sales activity

AXS Intelligence gives you the tools to identify broker and sales patterns in order to understand the true impact they have on your business. By combining visualizations of customer social relationships, high-frequency purchases, large distance-from-venue, and more factors, you can gather the data to support the best course of action for your venue.

Target smarter

Understand exactly where sales are coming from — and where opportunities await.

AXS Intelligence Daily Wrap
Key sales metrics for all shows
Sales by day for the past 5 days
Total inventory status for each event
Filter by client, venue, genre

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