‘AXS Marketplace’ launch will deliver capped resale prices in Europe

By 26 June, 2018UK

‘AXS Marketplace’ launch will deliver capped resale prices in Europe

The O2 and The SSE Arena, Wembley first to partner

New entrant to the resale market set to transform ticketing industry

AXS has announced the launch of a unique ticket resale platform in the UK, with AEG venues The O2 and The SSE Arena, Wembley the first to partner.

AXS Marketplace is a new platform that incorporates state of the art ticketing technology. Launching in the UK and expanding to European markets, AXS Marketplace will provide the option to resell tickets at face value with a cap of no more than 10% above the price paid by fans. Built in controls also allow artists and promoters to manage restrictions on the resale of tickets to their shows as required.

With the ability to provide better management over the resale market, this will be the only ticketing solution that allows fans to buy and then resell through the same platform. For the first time ever, tickets for sale using AXS, including primary and secondary, will be visible to consumers at the point of purchase in real time. It will also eliminate confusion and remove fan anxiety as to whether their ticket is actually valid for entry.

The move by AEG Europe to partner with AXS Marketplace for The O2 and The SSE Arena, Wembley – two of Europe’s biggest and busiest entertainment venues – marks a distinct shift in the live entertainment industry and underlines a commitment to a fairer and more transparent resale market for fans, artists and promoters.

The method of delivery for AXS Marketplace, ‘Flash Seats’, is a mobile friendly, identity-based system, with tickets assigned directly to fans attending, replacing the standard PDF attached to an email.

To alleviate the problems surrounding counterfeiting, all tickets are assigned to individuals via Flash Seats unique digital ID technology. This includes a dynamically changing barcode system, which ensures that the tickets cannot be copied or shared illegally, emphasising AXS’ ongoing commitment to combatting fraud.

By eliminating paper tickets fans are also guaranteed easy entry to the venue either as a group or individually through simply scanning the app.

Commenting on the launch, Robert Byrne, Managing Director of AXS Europe said:

AXS is proud to provide a fully integrated platform across both the primary and resale markets, giving everyone the opportunity to sell and purchase tickets at a capped, fair price. This will help prevent ticket touting and help combat illegal counterfeiting. We know that fans, artists and their representatives have been looking for a solution to these issues for a long time and we believe AXS Marketplace with Flash Seats mobile delivery will be a real game-changer. I’m also really pleased that AXS is partnering with AEG on this important initiative and delighted that such iconic venues like The O2 & The SSE Arena, Wembley will be leading our launch plans”.

Tom Miserendino, President and Chief Executive of AEG Europe commented:

We have been deeply impressed with this technology and what it allows us, our partners and our customers to do. There has been a noticeable shift in the industry recently and more of our artists and promoters want a better solution to ensure fans get an authentic ticket at a fair price. Through AXS Marketplace, Flash Seats mobile delivery and capped pricing, we can now deliver this. It is fairer for fans, eliminates counterfeiting, combats touting and allows us to have a complete view of everyone at the event. We have listened and responded. This partnership is a ground-breaking solution for ticketing in Europe and we encourage other ticketing providers selling seats at our venues to join it”.

Bryan Perez, CEO of AXS said:

We have looked long and hard at our European market and some of the ongoing issues around the equitable resale and purchasing of tickets. AXS Marketplace is a conscious decision to introduce technology that will enable both artists and fans to regain control of the ticketing process. In addition, we are opening up the Flash Seats technology to competing ticketing providers who sell primary tickets for events at our partner venues to ensure a comprehensive solution to help combat touting, eliminate counterfeits and provide a fair route for resale”.